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9 new Android games you have to play this week

Miracle Merchant Android

Another week, another bunch of new Android games to play. Where are we supposed to find the time to keep on top of all of this?

Actually, that’s a first world problem, so let’s quit complaining. Instead, read on for a list of the best nine new Android games to play. You have the whole weekend to do so as well.

The best new Android game this week: Miracle Merchant

Ah, Tinytouchtales. You took the most popular time killer ever, Solitaire, and made it so much better. First was Card Crawl, then Card Thief, and now Miracle Merchant.

The first two combined elements of dungeon crawlers and stealth games respectively, while Miracle Merchant is all about making potions.

You play as an alchemist’s apprentice and have to make a bunch of potions, and do it right or he’ll fire you. Probably. Go and get it on Google Play.

Egglia: Legend of the Redcap

Egglia: Legend of the Redcap can only be described as a super JRPG. It features development talent from the likes of the Mana, Kingdom Hearts, and Mother franchises – and it shows.

It’s reminiscent of the classics, but friendly for a modern audience. You’ll explore a world, throw dice to do stuff, and battle monsters by stealing the powers of spirits.

Then there’s your side project – build a town. You’ll gather resources as you adventure and use them to build homes for nice little fantasy people. Go and grab it on Google Play.

Adventure Time Run

Adventure Time Run is exactly as it sounds. It’s an endless runner featuring your favourite characters from the TV show, like Jake and Finn.

If you’ve played Subway Surfers, this is very similar to that. Endlessly run through a level, change lanes, and collect coins. Oh, and you occasionally fly. Go and check it out on Google Play.

Road Warriors

Road Warriors is about a chicken that drives dangerously. We really have seen it all at this point. Help Cluck survive the eponymous dangerous racing competition.

There’s a new race every day, bullet time combat, and nice pixel art visuals. Go and grab it on Google Play right now.

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

The name is almost as bonkers as the concept. You manage your own weapon shop and have to forge a variety of deadly, murderous tools for potato warriors.

It’s a simulator inspired by the Kairosoft games, so if you’ve played one of those you’ll know what to expect. Manage a team of smiths, talk to cool potato heroes, and expand your business. Go and grab it on Google Play.

Questy Quest

Questy Quest is a rhythm action RPG in which you battle monsters, upgrade your gear, and take on quests. You have to time your taps perfectly to attack, or risk death.

If you’re looking for a fun and simple RPG, go ahead and grab Questy Quest from Google Play right now.


Noded is another one of those minimalist puzzlers. You have to tap a bunch of nodes to connect them and create shapes.

There are over 80 puzzles to complete, and you can replay them to complete them in even less moves if you’re so inclined. Go and grab it on Google Play.

Star Tap

Star Tap is a clicker set in space. You tap to increase the speed of your spaceship and gather resources, which you then spend on upgrades and drones.

You’ll visit planets in the solar system and even whole new galaxies. Go and grab it on Google Play.

Beat Fever

Beat Fever is kind of like Guitar Hero for your mobile. You’ll tap in rhythm to play a bunch of songs from your favourite artists.

You can challenge your friends and play together, customise and dress up your avatar, and complete a single player storyline to save the world of music. Go and grab it on Google Play.

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