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Mobile networking app Fly Single aims to eradicate lonely long haul flights forever

Your first long haul flight can be a thrill – the screen ingeniously embedded in the back of chair in front of you, the novelty plastic bottles of wine, the animated map of your route, the promise of eventual adventure. Yep, that first trans-Atlantic journey is a blast.

For about 17 minutes.

It goes downhill pretty quickly once you realise that you don’t want to watch any of the three ancient episodes of Modern Family on offer, you can’t get comfortable, and you’re going to be trapped for hours in a stuffy metal tube beside a sleeping businessman whom you’ll have to wake up every time you need the toilet.

Thankfully, developer Fly Single Limited has created what sounds like the perfect escape from flight tedium, long haul or otherwise.

Come fly with me


Fly Single is a sort of dating app, though you don’t have to use it for dating. You can also use it to find travelling companions, or even business contacts. Here’s how it works.

First, you register. You can do this through Facebook or LinkedIn, depending on whether you’re looking for a personal or a professional connection. If you need privacy, you can create a Fly Single profile in the app.

Then, you enter your flight details and tell the app what kind of match you’re looking for: male or female, friendship or business.

Let’s fly let’s fly away

Based on your preferences, the app will give you a list of potential connections, and from there you can send a request to anybody who takes your fancy, for whatever reason, and connect over the chat function to get to know each other and perhaps arrange to meet before the flight.

If you decide you want to sit together, you can arrange this through the Fly Single app for a small handling fee.

And that’s it. Whether you’re looking to get a bit of extra face time with a useful business contact, meet somebody interesting to pass the time with, or even potentially find romance, it sounds like Fly Single can help you do it.

We think it’s a pretty ingenious idea. You can see for yourself by downloading Fly Single from Google Play or the App Store right now.



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