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Build a racing legacy in Motorsport Manager 2 on Android

Motorsport Manager 2

Motorsport Manager 2 has just launched on Android, following a brief period of iOS exclusivity. It’s a sequel to arguably the finest racing simulator on mobile, though it might be even better thanks to some fine tuning.

You have to build your own racing legacy from the ground up. You’ll start at the very bottom of the European Racing Series and work your way right up to the top of the World Motorsport Championship.

Motorsport Manager 2 is out right now on Android

As you progress, the game world will change dynamically. You’ll see new teams grow and drivers retire, so you’ll have to adapt constantly. Well, only if you want to actually do well.

Rather than make wholesale changes to the experience, developer Christian West has focused on fine tuning. There’s no way more depth than before, from individual car part designs to expanded sponsorship options.

If you’re a fan of the sport or original, you owe it to yourself to check out Motorsport Manager 2. Go and grab it right now from Google Play.

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