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Battle the friendliest brigands in the galaxy with the Hearthstone-esque Star Pirates Infinity on mobile

It probably says something about us as a species that so many of our favourite imaginary space heroes – from Han Solo to Firefly’s Malcolm Reynolds – are criminals.

And that’s probably why we’re looking forward to playing Star Pirates Infinity, a collectible card game (CCG) set in space and featuring characters that are, let’s say, comfortable operating outside galactic law.

Star Pirates Infinity is an addictive CCG in the mould of the massively addictive Warcraft-spinoff Hearthstone. It sees you playing as one of four factions, amassing the perfect collection of cards, and using them to do battle against other players and their decks.

Why are pirates, pirates?

Star Pirates Infinity


Along with the various card types, which allow you deploy different attacks and defensive maneuvers, there are two resources to manage. Some of the most powerful cards require you to use both at once, calling for canny resource-management and a keen appreciation of risk and reward.

Despite its unseemly piratical theme, Star Pirates Infinity is simpler and friendlier than many of the more arcane CCGs, with gameplay aimed both at making life easy for beginners and giving more experienced players plenty to do.

You can battle your friends in PVP and join a guild, or even start a guild of your own. And on top of that there are 44 missions to blast through as you uncover the story behind the awesome-sounding Hypernova (which is basically an ultra-deadly supernova that can kill everything on a planet thousands of light years away. Gulp.)

Because they just arrrrrrrr

Star Pirates Infinity

Best of all, you can play against the creators of the game themselves, who not only join in but have drawn on their years of community-building experience to foster a supportive multiplayer environment where you can get involved in lively, friendly, and well-behaved chat.

As a special bonus, developer Snakehead Games is giving away a free booster pack to help readers of this article get ahead. Just enter the promo code SPIBOOSTER and you’re away!

Download Star Pirates Infinity for free right now on Google Play and the App Store. It’s also available on PC and Mac here.


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