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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is coming to Android

Here’s a weird one. Square Enix has just announced Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, an episodic chibi-style remake coming to Android this autumn.

Apparently it aims to be the very same experience, just bitesize, which would be quite the achievement. We’re all down for driving around a cute little version of FFXV‘s world though. Sign us up!

In total, there’ll be 10 episodes and the first one will be free at launch. That’s decent news as this is an incredibly ambitious idea, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to see it for myself before I commit.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a chibi-style remake for mobile

For those who’ve lived in a cave their entire life, Final Fantasy XV is the latest entry in Square Enix’s enormous JRPG franchise. It’s the first entry to have a truly open world to explore as well.

Final Fantasy XV follows protagonist Prince Noctis on a road trip with his friends. He’s en route to marry his fiancee Luna when he discovers that his homeland has been taken over. Thus begins an adventure to reclaim it, as you can expect.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

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