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Hit MMORPG MU Origin gets higher level caps, new events, and more in huge 1.9 update

Korean developer Webzen has been busy. A couple of months ago it dropped a massive 1.8 update for its hit MMORPG MU Origin, and last month it ran a gigantic giveaway to celebrate the game’s first birthday.

Hot on the heels of those stories comes news of the 1.9 update, bringing with it a slew of new content.

MU Origin 1.9 is chock-full of stuff to do and tweaks to the existing format. The biggest addition is probably Cry Wolf Battle, a real-time server guild battle in which you set out to find “the true warlord of the MU Continent.”

The MU who cried wolf

Cry Wolf Battle is available for players at level 5 and over. Registration is open pretty much all the time, excluding the periods when the battles are actually taking place, between 19:55 and 20:40.

The forts come in ten levels, and you can only reach level 10 on Sundays between 20:00 and 20:30, though you can register all weekend. In return for occupying forts you’ll get daily and victory rewards.

As well as a Cry Wolf Battle there’s a Cry Wolf Dungeon. In this bit of the update you get 15 minutes to fend off attacks and protect the Cry Wolf Statue, along with up to nine companions. If you make it out alive you earn Wolf Dust, for making Soul Gems.

“What are they?” I hear you say. Well, Soul Gems are Webzen’s replacement for the old Soul Stone system. Once created, Soul Gems give you various Elemental options.

MU-ch more

And there’s more. A new Dice Hunter system is made up of ten floors comprising 30 tiles. Under each tile is an event, a reward, or a special item, giving you the chance to hoard even more stuff.

MU Origin 1.9 also comes with a new character limit, allowing you to reach 11 Rebirth. Equipment now goes all the way up to tier 12, and the Endless Tower now goes all the way up to 120 floors. You’ll need to hit 11 Rebirth before you can reach the highest ones, though.

There’s a lot more that we don’t have space to cover, but we wanted to squeeze in the new pets. You can now obtain a Golden Monkey and a Famous Dog by completing various events. If that doesn’t make you want to join in, nothing will.

You can grab MU Origin absolutely free on Google Play and the App Store.


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