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Dragon Project looks to offer a Monster Hunter style experience on Android

Dragon Project

If you’ve ever wanted to play Monster Hunter on your Android phone, Dragon Project might be just the game you’ve been looking for.

A new title by developer goGame, the title is a mix of MMO and RPG. You play as a hunter who teams up with friends to battle and slay various monsters. Mainly dragons, as the game’s name would suggest.

Pre-register for Dragon Project

Dragon Project

Set in the Kingdom of Heiland, Dragon Project tasks you with gathering precious materials to forge and upgrade your armour and weaponry. You can then improve them with “Magi” to gain further skills. From the brief time we had with the game the IAPs don’t seem to ruin the flow of the experience either. Which is always a plus.

You can pre-register for the game here, but you can also download the APK for title directly from the developer here. If you give Dragon Project a spin please do let us know your thoughts. You can also find a trailer for the title below.

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