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Life on Mars offers Metroidvania thrills on Android

Life on Mars

Life on Mars has just landed on Android, and looks to offer a polished Metroidvania experience.

A port of the PC game, you play as a marine tasked with discovering why Earth has lost contact with the only colony in on Mars. It might not surprise you that evil forces are somewhat responsible. And by evil forces I mean aliens.
Life on Mars

Get your ass to Life on Mars

Melding together RPG and Metroidvania elements this is actually a remake of the MSX2 game of the same name. Just with a snazzy upgraded 16-bit look.

The game asks you to explore the vast alien landscape. You, of course, have to upgrade your armour and weapons as you go – you know the drill.

Please note that this game requires a quad-core device, but if you have one you can download Life on Mars from Google Play now. It’s even been reduced for its launch to 99c/89p.

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