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The Builder has finally returned to Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans

This month has been pretty odd for Clash of Clans. First, The Builder left for pastures new after feeling disgruntled about his endless rebuilding work. So he ventured into the real world to do what he does best in a bunch of cities.

Then, he joined Facebook for a brief period as a camera effect, which you could use to watch the Builder strut his stuff in some of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Sadly, it looked certain that the Builder would never return. Supercell even posted a job advertisement on its official site, seeking a new person for the job.

The Builder made a sensational return to Clash of Clans today

Meanwhile, various characters filled in for him admirably. Both the Witch and Sorcerer wielded their magic to keep your village alive in his stead.

That all changed today though, when the Builder made a sensational return to Clash of Clans. It’s about time too, as we were starting to miss the crafty little bugger.

If you deleted Clash of Clans in disgust along with the Builder, you can download it again for free right now on Google Play.

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