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Not long meow! Cat Quest is coming to Android next week

Cat Quest

Boy, do we have good news for you today! Cat Quest, one of the finest mobile releases of 2017, is coming to Android devices on September 15th. That’s next week, folks!

If you’re not sure what Cat Quest is, it’s an open world Zelda-like RPG that launched on iOS recently. You run around a 2D open world, murdering enemies, levelling up, and grabbing a load of loot.

Cat Quest is coming to Android on September 15th

As you can expect, there are dungeons to beat too. Typically, this involves slaughtering everything that moves inside one of these dank locations. You’ll get a massive reward for doing so though.

All of the above is delivered in gorgeous cartoon visuals as well. If you’re a mad fan of Zelda or the likes of SkyrimCat Quest is definitely one for you. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and watch the trailer above. You won’t regret it.

You can also learn much more by paying a visit to the official site.

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