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Pokemon GO’s Safari Zone event starts September 16th

A bunch of real life Pokemon GO events are happening in Europe this September, and you can participate. Entitled Safari Zone, these events take place in shopping malls and you’ll grab rewards for showing up.

These include a medal and eggs, which you can get from one of the various PokeStops nearby. It’s also a great opportunity to nab some rare Pokemon, as lures are in effect.

The first Pokemon GO Safari Zone events will happen this month

All Safari Zone events are in local shopping malls, so nearby stores will even have special offers on to lure you inside. I guess you could say we’re like Pokemon to them.

Finally, you can meet some new Pokemon-obsessed friends too in the team lounges set up just for the event. Or you could just sit there and not talk to anyone. That’s up to you.

You can learn more on the official blog post, which also features dates and locations for all of the upcoming events. You can also grab Pokemon GO on Google Play. Good luck catching your favourite Pokemon!

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