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Sproggiwood is on sale for 99c right now on Google Play


The turn-based roguelike Sproggiwood is currently on sale for a measly 99c/89p on Google Play. Can’t say much fairer than that!

It’s takes inspiration from Finnish mythology. You play as a farmer who lives on the island of Clog, who is suddenly kidnapped by a talking sheep and whisked off to Sproggi’s realm.

Sproggi is a mysterious forest spirit who, for some reason, wants you to build your own civilisation in his forest. And that’s the goal of the game – to create your own civilisation of mushroom people.

The turn-based roguelike Sproggiwood is going cheap on Google Play

In gameplay terms though, that involves battling monsters, avoiding traps, and picking up loot in dungeons. These are procedurally generated and perfectly designed for mobile play. They’re not very long, you see.

Oh, and there are six different classes to choose from, including a warrior, archer, and thief. If you like RPGs, you’ll be right at home here.

So go ahead and grab Sproggiwood for a mere 99c/89p on Google Play right now. Chances are, you certainly won’t regret it.

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