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Roguelike fans rejoice! The Scrungeon Depths gets a trailer and release date

Gamers in the know have been looking forward to The Scrungeon Depths for a long time.

This pixelart dungeon crawler takes its cues from retro roguelikes like Death Road to Canada, and also from DeathSpank, in that it sends up dungeon crawling tropes while also using them expertly.

And now there’s a new trailer, giving us a glimpse at the game’s frenetic pace, as well as its sense of humour.

As you can see, the action is insane and the random-title-generator item names include such gems as “Claustrophobic Slashing Nordby’s Sword of Bradley Michael Farts and the Jazz Flutes,” and “Ripping Tiger Wiener Nacho’s Armor of Murder and Digiorno.” Of course.

Developer Chase Holton has also given the release date as November the 11th.

Stay tuned!

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