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Namco Bandai’s Tales of Link getting new events, rewards, and prizes throughout October

tales of link

Has it been two years already? Have you really spent 730 whole days playing Tales of Link, Namco Bandai’s free to play RPG featuring characters from its popular ‘Tales of…’ games?

No, probably not. But still, if you do enjoy a spot of Tales of Link then you’re in for a good weekend.

To celebrate the game’s two-year anniversary, Namco Bandai has released a new PvP system and is holding a series of in-game events between the 5th and the 8th of October.

The system, called Duel Fes, will see players competing to level up their factions in friendly battles for points, items, and even prizes. And you’ll get 100 Hero Stones just for logging in.

Namco Bandai will also give 50 Hero Stones to anybody who logs in throughout October, and original characters from Tales of Link will randomly pop up during quests to drop Carnival Balloons, which can be traded for items and tokens.

Go here for more details on what Namco Bandai has planned for this month.

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