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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: new mode, ship, and mystery character revealed


Please tilt your screen back or reposition yourself so that these words are receding into the background. Thank you.

A long, long time ago, or rather, about two years ago, which isn’t that long really, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes arrived on app stores around the world.

As we approach the game’s momentous second anniversary, EA has been in touch to let us know about a few updates that are in the works.

Among the biggest is the new Territory Wars mode, which will allow guilds to fight with other guilds. The first venue for these clashes will be Planet Jakku, though EA’s use of the word “first” implies that there will be more.

There are also new ships on the way, including Admiral Thrawn’s Ship Chimaera, whatever that is. A new character from The Last Jedi is also due to arrive imminently, but his or her identity is not yet known.

To get a more exhaustive rundown of the forthcoming updates, go here.

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