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Watch this bonkers teaser for CHUCHEL, Amanita Design’s forthcoming comedy adventure game


Amanita Design has a brilliant record of making distinctive, polished, atmospheric video games that work perfectly on touchscreens. Their credits on Google Play already include the awesome Machinarium, Samarost 3, and Botanicula.

That’s why you should be excited by the news that Amanita Design’s next game, CHUCHEL, is coming next year. CHUCHEL is a “comedy adventure game” in which you have to help Chuchel retrieve his cherry from a mysterious baddie.

Here’s a gratifyingly insane teaser trailer.

According to Amanita’s press notes, Chuchel is a “cute hairy creature (an angry hair-ball basically) who is as pleasant as screaming kids and as intelligent as a potato.” His main thing seems to be that he likes cherries, and will go to heroic lengths for them.

CHUCHEL will be available early next year. Follow its progress on this dedicated site.

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