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Mighty Battles is a multiplayer ‘battle arena’ game from the developer of Kill Shot

Hothead Games is one of the more reliable developers, with games like DeathSpank, Swarm, and Kill Shot under its belt. That’s why when it announces a new game we sit up and listen.

Mighty Battles is, according to the press release, “the world’s first battle arena shooter game on mobile.” We don’t have time to verify that claim so you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you think it’s legit.

In contrast with the grimly realistic Kill Shot, Mighty Battles is a big, bouncy, cartoonish take on multiplayer slaughter. It has shooting, card-collecting, and tactical play, which Hothead hopes will give it the broadest possible appeal.

You can attack, defend, create a squad, join a clan, compete in events, and do all the things you’ve come to expect – nay, demand – from a contemporary mobile MMO.

The beta is available to download now, in the UK at least. Get it here.


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