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Strewth! Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available in Australia

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android

After months of delays and worrying disappearances, Animal Crossing for mobile now has a name. It’s called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. What’s more, you can download it in Australia.

Announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp gives you the job you never knew you wanted: campsite manager.

You’ll help animals orient themselves, craft furniture and other amenities, and do what you can to attract animals to your campsite. It’s not yet clear whether you’ll have to clean the toilet block at any point, but we sincerely hope not.

As everybody suspected, the game is free with in-app purchases. That is, you can spend your real life pocket money on Leaf Tickets and use these to hasten the crafting process, but you can accumulate Leaf Tickets through gameplay. Or just wait.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is only available in Australia currently, but if you’re clever you can get around that. Get it here.

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