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10 of the best new Android games this week

This is the last weekend before Halloween, when armies of children will venture out in wolf masks to deprive their neighbours of sweets.

Inevitably, that means Halloween games. But there’s plenty else besides in this week’s round-up, including high-octane action, deep strategy, epic role-playing, and a bear.

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada is a universally acclaimed retro survival sim in which you have to travel across america while not being killed by zombies.

Developed by the golden partnership of Madgarden and RocketCat, and ported to Android by Noodlecake, this is an unmissable slice of cult gaming greatness. Get it here


Have you ever played This War of Mine? Well Sheltered is like that, but in the future.

What’s that – you haven’t played This War of Mine? Okay, fine.

Sheltered is a survival game simulating the daily to remain alive in a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll have to make grave moral choices every day, and your prize for navigating this toxic labyrinth successfully is another day in hell. Get it here

Paddington Run

Paddington Run is a 3D endless runner along the lines of the popular Minion Rush. It’s exactly the sort of nicely presented, playable, polished casual arcade treat that Gameloft does so well.

The aim is to run automatically through various London locations collecting things and avoiding death. Your Paddington-watching kids will not be disappointed. Get it here

Decap Attack

In case you hadn’t noticed, Halloween is almost upon us. Accordingly, Sega has added a vaguely horror-themed game to its Sega Forever library.

Decap Attack may not be as famous as Super Mario, but it’s not as good either. Nevertheless, this likeable platformer, in which you play as a mummy made by Frank N Stein, has a loyal fan base and it deserves a look. Get it here.

Bloody Mary: The Hudson House

Another Halloween game, Bloody Mary: The Hudson House is a modern touchscreen take on the choose-your-own-adventure genre.

The aim is to avoid becoming a part of the Hudson House’s creepy menagerie by escaping. Unfortunately, the Hudson House is not like a normal house. You can’t just amble out through the front door whistling.

Instead, you have to make life or death binary choices, all while dealing with creepy graphics. Get it here if you dare


While Bloody Mary is a solid smartphone adaptation of the choose-your-own-adventure genre, Simulacra is a full-blown evolutionary leap from the same source.

The premise is that you’ve found a woman’s lost phone. You poke around in it (natch) and find a video message pleading for help. What follows is a creepy detective adventure in which you do things you would normally do on a phone – text the woman’s friends, browse her photo gallery, and read her emails.

It’s fine! You’re a detective! Get it here if you dare

Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis

Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis is another take on the Clash of Clans formula, with its own personal tweaks. You have various different heroes at your disposal, from warriors to sorcerers, and you use them to attack and defend in an endless multiplayer war.

You know what to expect. Wartide has solid production values and good user reviews, so if you’re in the market for a new mobile multiplayer casual strategy game then you might as well grab this. Get it here


Icey is a side-scrolling arcade brawler-slash-RPG in which you play as Icey, destroyer of robots.

There’s a lot of stuff on the Google Play description about meta games and narrative intrigue, but the basics are that Icey is a slickly presented action game that’s been recognised by numerous awards bodies in Asia. Get it here

Battlevoid: Sector Siege

Battlevoid: Sector Siege is the latest in the Battlevoid series of mobile real-time strategy games. Obviously.

It’s a massive top-down strategy romp that builds on the previous games in the series with cross-platform functionality, research trees, NPCs that fight each other, area of effect, and much more.

Otherwise it’s the same stylish, well-balanced strategy game as ever. Get it here

ArcheAge Origins

ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG that’s big in Korea. Origins is the game’s first foray into mobile, giving players a slightly stripped back, touchscreen-friendly take on the series.

As the title implies, it’s set before the action of the main game, and sees you embarking on perhaps the most boringly named quest of all time: the Library Mission.

Crap names aside, ArcheAge Origins is a good bet for any mobile MMORPG fans out there. Get it here


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