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Final Fantasy Dimensions II is out now on Android

Final Fantasy Dimensions II Android

Just when you thought you had enough collectathon RPGs, Square Enix goes and releases another one. It’s Final Fantasy Dimensions II, and it’s out now on Android.

If you’re feeling a bit burnt out on the genre at this point, Final Fantasy Dimensions II isn’t going to convince you to come back.

You play as hero and heroine Morrow and Aemo who have to travel through time to gather heroes and save the world. Does anyone else have de ja vu?

Who wants another hero collector? You? Get Final Fantasy Dimensions II then

Want more? Okay, there are auto battles, signet stones to equip, and abilities to unleash.

To be fair to Final Fantasy Dimensions II, if you like the franchise you will love this. And hey, three million gamers downloaded the original so there’s bound to be something good about it.

Have I persuaded you? Good. Head on over to Google Play right now and get started then. You probably won’t regret it.

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