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Shadow Fight 3 has finally launched on Android

Shadow Fight 3 Android

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Shadow Fight 3 has finally launched on Android. It’s the second sequel in arguably the greatest fighting franchise on mobile, and this time it’s in 3D.

Gone are the days that characters merely resemble 2D characters, and battle each other against basic backdrops. Now, characters are completely 3D, and duke it out in gorgeous and varied 3D environments.

You can also create your own fighting style by selecting from a variety of moves, perks, weapons, and gear to put your own spin on proceedings.

Shadow Fight 3 is finally available on Android

There’s an absolute ton of weapons and armour to collect this time around, and you can upgrade all of it to increase your power.

You can also complete a single player storyline, with a plot involving three powerful factions at war with one another. You’ll pick a side and help win the war for them.

Shadow Fight 3 is available right now on Google Play for free. Go ahead and get it.

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