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Diablo-like Iesabel finally has its bugs squished on Android


One of Android’s finest Diablo-likes, Iesabel, has finally had a bunch of bugs squished thanks to a recent update. Effectively, this finally makes it playable on a bunch more devices.

It’s a gorgeous Diablo-style action RPG that allows up to eight player multiplayer on your device. That’s pretty impressive stuff.

Iesabel finally works on a greater range of Android devices

You’ll battle hordes of repulsive monsters, gather loot, and unlock a bunch of different skills to give yourself an advantage in battle.

There are different classes to select from, a range of quests to complete, and massive bosses to crush. Oh, and the best part is that it’s premium, with no nasty IAPs.

If that all sounds good to you, go and grab Iesabel on Google Play right now. It’s worth a punt even if you were put off by the game-breaking bugs before, as they’re all gone now.

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