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Fallout Shelter Online has been announced for Android

Fallout Shelter Online Android

Fallout Shelter Online is an upcoming online version of Fallout Shelter that you might never actually get to play. Shanda Games is currently developing it for China, but it’s not clear if it will come west or not.

It’s basically Fallout Shelter as you know it, with some extra online social features. These include instanced dungeons, collectible characters, guilds, and PvP.

And that’s literally all we know right now. You can speculate yourself based on the artwork we’ve attached to this article though.

Fallout Shelter Online is currently in development at Shanda Games for a China release

In case you’ve never played it, Fallout Shelter is a management simulator in which you build and maintain your very own vault.

You’ll manage every aspect of your vault including gathering resources like food, electricity, and water, encouraging mating to keep the species alive, and going out on raids.

You can grab Fallout Shelter from Google Play right now to get an understanding of how it works ahead of the potential online version. We’ll keep you posted on that.

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