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Tower Fortress is a new roguelike platformer by Nitrome

Tower Fortress Android

If you like roguelike platformers, you can take your pick on Android. One more can’t hurt though, right? If that’s how you feel, Tower Fortress might bring a smile to your face.

Nitrome just published it, and it challenges you to climb to the top of a tower. Why? Because it’s emitting a toxic green smoke and someone has to stop it.

Along the way you’ll leap treacherous gaps, slay bad guys, and collect a bunch of new weapons and abilities. You’ll also slay bosses at the end of each zone.

Nitrome has just published Tower Fortress on Android

Die, and you start from scratch all over. Thankfully, you can grab a new ability each time you complete a level, which will help you survive.

You can also unlock new suits that provide fresh new abilities, and these are persistent. Pick your favourite and try and survive better next time.

If that sounds like fun to you, go ahead and grab Tower Fortress on Google Play right now.

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