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Aquatic content is coming soon to Minecraft on Android

Minecraft Android

Minecraft will soon receive an expansion called Update Aquatic that focuses on breathing life into the sandbox’s waters.

It adds a bunch of new stuff to the oceans and rivers in Minecraft. Ever wished you could find coral, kelp,, and shipwrecks? Well, it’s coming!

Oceans will also be cold or warm, which will affect how well things float on it. Oh, and you can do some lovely fishing thanks to fish and other ocean life joining the game.

Hell, you could build aquariums if you want to.

Minecraft is getting the Update Aquatic next year that breathes life into its waters

A new environment requires a new weapon to explore it with, and the developers have delivered. You can now craft a trident for use underwater.

There’s also a new monster coming and it looks terrifying. Imagine a flying manta ray and you’re on the right lines.

Minecraft‘s Update Aquatic will launch next year on all platforms. Keep a close eye on Droid Gamers for the latest updates.

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