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My Tamagotchi Forever is coming soon to Android

My Tamagotchi Forever Android

It’s difficult to believe, but Tamagotchi hasn’t actually launched as a mobile game yet. If you want to play it legitimately, you still have to go out and buy one of those weird plastic keyrings.

But that’s all about to change soon. Bandai Namco has just announced My Tamagotchi Forever, the real Tamagotchi experience but on your mobile device.

It looks absolutely adorable as well – seriously, even Nintendo would be jealous of the visual style here.

My Tamagotchi Forever is the real Tamagotchi experience, coming to Android in 2018

All we know about it so far is what’s available in the teaser trailer. It appears to lean heavily on AR, with a child taking pictures with her Tamagotchi. There’s even a bit where it takes a big poo on the living room floor.

Right at the end, we finally see what appears to be real gameplay footage though. It seems like your little pet will have an Animal Crossing like town to wander about in.

Hopefully there’ll be loads of spaces you can decorate and customise. We like that sort of thing. Check out the trailer above to learn more while we try and nail down a release date.

My Tamagotchi Forever will launch on Android in 2018. In the meantime, you can enter a competition to win your very own plastic Tamagotchi.

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