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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to mobile

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Tencent has just announced that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is on its way to mobile. The enormous developer will work in collaboration with Bluehole to ensure it’s a decent port.

Everything we know stems from an article on Chinese tech site (you can read the full story here) so we can’t entirely vouch for its veracity.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to mobile

But apparently, this will be as close to the full experience as possible on your phone. You’ll still parachute into an enormous arena, loot for gear, and fight opponents to be the last man standing.

All of it will just be on your mobile. We know that Tencent intends to launch it in China first, presumably across iOS and Android. Given that it was stressed that China is coming first, we can assume it will launch in other regions later.

It would be pretty insane not to launch it everywhere, after all. We’ll keep you posted on a firm release date.

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