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Pocket City is a city builder without microtransactions

Pocket City Android

Do you like city builders but feel the free to play implementation has been a bit cynical so far? Then get excited, because Pocket City is coming to save the day.

It’s a city builder that’s currently in development for release in 2018. It looks pretty slick as well, providing everything you want from the genre and a lovely art style to boot.

And the best part is, you won’t constantly be pestered to drop your cash so you can speed up a build. No, this is city building like in the old days. Premium, and focused on fun.

Pocket City is an upcoming city builder that includes no microtransactions

You’ll create city zones, design the road structure, and build recreation spots and public services. You’ll also fight emergencies as they crop up.

Pocket City will launch as two different versions. One will be free and ad supported, while the other will be premium and include bonus features like a sandbox mode.

We’ll keep you posted as we ramp up to launch in 2018. You can sign up to the mailing list on the official site to stay informed as well.

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