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A new version of Carcassonne is out right now on Android

Carcassonne Android

A brand new version of the hit board game Carcassonne has just launched on Android. It features improved AI, gorgeous 3D visuals, and a bunch more exclusive features.

You have to build a city out of various tiles that represent different buildings, roads, and landmarks. You don’t really have a choice of what goes where though, as you draw tiles at random and have to place them directly next to another tile.

Carcassonne is an interesting board game out now on Android

Once a tile has been placed, you then have to assign a person (known as a Meeple here) to it. The Meeple has to be relevant to the placed tile though. For example, you’ll place a priest on a cloister.

So the challenge basically comes from trying to build a fully functioning city with these restrictions. Your Meeples score you points based on where they’re placed, which gives you a good indicator of your success.

You can play by yourself, with your friends on a single device, or online multiplayer. Grab it right now on Google Play cheap for a limited time.

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