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5 Android stories you should have read this week

GRID Autosport Android

Don’t you just love Sunday? It’s that one day of the week where you get to do whatever you want. Including catch up on the week’s best Android gaming news.

That’s where Droid Gamers comes in. We’ve rounded up the absolute best stories we ran this week so you don’t have to scour the site. So sit back, grab a coffee, and let’s go through them.

GRID Autosport launched on iOS, but when will it launch on Android?

GRID Autosport brought console racing to the iOS masses this week. It plays incredibly well, with a bunch of different control schemes to get your racing fix on the go.

But when will it launch on Android? That’s what we care about. Well, we found out – not until 2018. Read the full story here for more information.

We found an upcoming city builder that won’t contain IAPs

City building sims like SimCity should work an absolute treat on mobile. Often though, the experience is completely ruined by freemium mechanics like wait timers and a lack of resources.

But Pocket City aims to change all of that. It’s coming in 2018, and is a completely premium city builder. Read all about it right here.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is officially announced for mobile, and we saw the trailer

Last week the talk of Android was the sheer number of PUBG clones hitting Google Play. This week, we found out that the real thing is coming soon to the Chinese market.

So we don’t know if it’s going to launch west, but chances are slim that it won’t. Would developer PUBG Corp really want to miss out on all of that money? Find out more here.

We also saw an official trailer for the experience, and it looks remarkably similar to the PC experience. We wrote a story about it here.

PUBG Android

Google Play announced its top five games of the year

Google Play announced its top five games of the year this week, and it included Super Mario RunBubble Witch 3 Saga, and Magic Tiles 3.

Here’s the full list on Droid Gamers.

Google Play Android

Pocket Legends Adventures launched on Android

This week saw the sequel to one of mobile’s first, and finest, MMORPGs. Pocket Legends Adventures is that very game, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

We went into more detail in the news article, so go ahead and read that here.

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