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A Harry Potter RPG is coming to Android in 2018

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Android

We already know that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will launch on Android in 2018, but you can now add Hogwarts Mystery to that list. It’s already looking like a great year for fans of wizardry.

In many ways, Hogwarts Mystery is even more exciting than Wizards Unite. You’ll create a character then receive your very own invitation to Hogwarts. Just like you always dreamed.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an upcoming RPG

The game then takes place over your seven years studying at the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry. You’ll learn your favourite spells in duelling, potions, and defence against the dark arts classes.

Harry Potter Android

That’s literally all we know right now. We don’t know how it will play, but we do know that there’s a fully 3D version of Hogwarts to explore. You can assume as much from the one screenshot placed on the official site.

So head on over there to learn more about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which will launch on Android in 2018. We’ll keep you posted.

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