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7 games to help you get over your boxing day hangover

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Why did I drink so much last night? Because it was Christmas, obviously! The question isn’t why I did it, it’s now what do I do about it. And Droid Gamers has the answer to that. Games don’t have to be stimulating – they can be relaxing instead.

Here are seven that will help you chill out and get over your hangover.

Pause – get it here on Google Play

Pause was created by the makers of Monument Valley for this very reason – to get you to just stop and relax for a bit. It was built with Tai Chi and mindfulness in, er, mind, so you know it’s good.

Prune – get it here on Google Play

Prune is basically gardening, isn’t it? There’s light puzzling involved in this one though, because you have to help a plant grow in a way so it gets enough sunlight. That’s quite nice.

MOUNTAIN – get it here on Google Play

In MOUNTAIN, you play as a mountain. When you boot it up, a mountain will generate right in front of you and then it’s up to you what you do with it. Maybe you can collect items or watch the weather.

Zen Koi – get it on Google Play

What could be more relaxing than watching a bunch of beautiful koi carp swim harmlessly in water? I can’t think of anything, so Zen Koi is probably a decent option to help you feel better.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector – get it on Google Play

I’m pretty sure cats are medically proven to lower your stress levels. I mean, just look at the adorable little things. Why not collect a bunch of them in this wonderful little game about cats.

Viridi – get it on Google Play

Like Prune, Viridi is also about gardening. The difference here though, is that’s all this is about. You’ll pick a pot, plant some seeds, and watch your lovely little plant sprout in real time. How relaxing.

Eufloria – get it on Google Play

Last, but certainly not least, is – yep! – another gardening game! This time you’re trying to grow stuff in space though, which is perfect for the sci fi nerds out there that just want to chill.

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