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7 games to help get you in the Christmas spirit

Snow Jinks Android

Christmas isn’t just the day itself, you know? So don’t be sad, because there’s plenty more to go around. In fact, you’ve probably still got some leftovers and mince pies knocking around somewhere.

So crack them out, pour the last of that Buck’s Fizz into a glass, and download these seven games to help get you in the Christmas spirit.

Snow Jinks – get it on Google Play

Snow Jinks is an excellent little shooter that perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas on mobile. Throw snowballs to defeat neighbourhood bullies and drink hot chocolate to warm up. A classic.

Alto’s Adventure – get it on Google Play

Alto’s Adventure could also have placed in yesterday’s relaxing games feature. You slide down a mountain on a snowboard, rescuing your runaway llamas. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Ski Safari – get it on Google Play

Without Ski Safari, there would be no Alto’s Adventure. This classic snowboarding game kickstarted the genre on mobile, and to this day still provides a ton of high score chasing fun.

Red Bull Free Skiing – get it on Google Play

So not quite the festive option, but Red Bull Free Skiing is still a solid choice if you just want to ski down a 3D mountain. You can even do tricks and stuff like that.

Red Bull Free Skiing Android Christmas


Chilly Snow – get it on Google Play

Chilly Snow is a silly little high score chaser in which you slide down a mountain for as long as you can without hitting a tree. It’s a decent little snowy time waster.

Dog Sled Saga – get it on Google Play

N’awww. Everyone loves a good doggie, don’t they? Dog Sled Saga invites you to take that love to the next level, by caring for a bunch of your own in order to win races in beautiful snowy landscapes.

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build – get it on Google Play

Wrapping things up is A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, which turns the art of building a great snowman into a puzzler. That’s a pretty terrific idea, and well executed here.

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