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Mow down hordes of aliens in shooter Let Them Come

Let Them Come Android

Let Them Come clearly took inspiration from the most intense action movies. It’s a brand new side scrolling shooter in which you blast apart waves of aliens using a variety of weaponry.

Your default is a machine gun placement but you’ll quickly grow your arsenal using money you earn while shooting. There’s a bunch of different weapons to unlock like grenades and knives.

Let Them Come is a pixelated shooter out now on Android

You can also grab some passive upgrades that boost your weapon, help you to survive longer, and stuff like that.

And you’ll really need it. After beating a few waves a boss will appear and these guys are deadly. So you’ll need to use everything you have at your disposal if you hope to survive.

If you like crazy action movies shooters, or pixel art, you’ll love Let Them Come. So go and grab it right now on Google Play.

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