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Post apocalyptic adventure Ashworld is out now

Ashworld Android

Ashworld is an apocalyptic action adventure in which you blast mutated animals, raiders, and various other dangerous foes in your quest for survival.

It just launched on Android, providing an intense survival adventure. Your resources are in short supply so you’re going to have to steal from others if you plan to survive.

Ashworld is a post apocalyptic action adventure out now on Android

There’s a bunch of different weapons you can use from chainsaws to shotguns and even boomerangs. You’ll find these as you search through buildings looking for anything to help you stay alive.

Along the way, you’ll come across dangerous foes who will make that incredibly difficult. So if you’re carrying a weapon, you’d better use it.

Head on over to Google Play to grab Ashworld right now to start your own post apocalyptic adventure.

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