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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s latest event stars Rover

Animal Crossing Android

A brand new event has just kicked off in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and it features a recognisable character. Well, we already told you who it is in the headline – it’s Rover.

So what does this mangy little grinning cat want? Well, he wants you to help him create a really nice little garden. You have to do all of the legwork, of course, and gather a bunch of special flowers.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s latest event features Rover

You’ll then plant them in Rover’s garden, and your reward might be the appearance of rare butterflies. We’d have much preferred some cold hard cash, but Rover doesn’t seem interested in paying for labour.

Oh, he actually wants you to catch these butterflies as well. He’s standing right next to them, and is a cat, so it’s actually a lot easier for him. But he doesn’t care. Just do it, alright?!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp‘s event, Rover’s Garden Safari, has already started. So head on over to Google Play right now to play it.

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