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LettersFall 110% is a totally free word game that will give you hours of chilled out fun

The great thing about mobile is that it has games for all occasions. There are thrilling action experiences, head-scratching puzzlers, tricky platformers, nostalgic retro throwbacks, thought-provoking arthouse games, and much more.

But sometimes you don’t want any of that. You just want something quiet and meditative to help you unwind, and LettersFall fits the bill perfectly.

LettersFall is a word game in which you have to make words from a grid of letters. It’s a bit like Zach Gage’s excellent SpellTower – or Boggle, if you’re not up on the indie scene – but with one big difference.

Word up

Whereas most word games focus on challenge, giving you a punishingly small time limit or a depressingly static, unforgiving selection of letters to turn into words, LettersFall is all about making you happy.

For a start, you don’t have to get the letters in a line. Whereas the aforementioned SpellTower and Boggle insist that each letter in the word you find is connected by an edge or a corner to the next, LettersFall lets you pick letters from anywhere on the board.

This means you rarely find you can’t make a word. And if you can’t, you only have to wait for a few seconds for the right letter to fall from the top of the screen.

LettersFall lottery

Of course, it doesn’t stay that easy. As your points stack up you’ll ascend through the levels and the letters will fall faster. But you can easily play a single game for over an hour before getting to the point that you’re overwhelmed.

There are two modes and three difficulty levels, pitched at kids, teenagers, and adults, so there’s something for everyone in LettersFall. The modes are Never End and Story, which spices things up with cut-scenes that play out between the levels.

With its wealth of modes, generous difficulty level, and epic playing sessions we’d call LettersFall 110% good value for money if not for one thing: it’s free. Yep, free.

Not free with ads, or free with in-app purchases. Completely, totally, unequivocally free. Grab it on Google Play right now.



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