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Student by day, superhero by night in JRPG Breakers

Breakers Android

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is an intriguing JRPG coming soon to Android. It’s out right now in beta, with a full launch hopefully dropping soon.

You play as a student in high school who investigates a bunch of mysterious activity in the city. It soon becomes apparent that something bad is happening, so you team up with fellow students to fight it off.

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is a superhero JRPG coming soon to Android

Thus begins a double life of student by day, superhero by night. It appears you get to experience both sides of this life, which is quite interesting.

Being a superhero is all about ridiculous combat, and this appears to have that in spades. There’s even an innovative control scheme that allows you to pull off some insane moves using only your fingers.

There’s a single player campaign and a bunch of different multiplayer modes too. It looks like a lot of fun, so go ahead and check out the beta on Google Play right now.

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