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Secret Kingdom Defenders offers up an oriental strategy feast

Developer Doppler Hat Games is offering mobile gamers a feast of action with its latest title, Secret Kingdom Defenders.

A grid-based strategy title, Secret Kingdom Defenders is similar to games such as Hero Academy and Battle Heroes – but it gives the genre an enjoyable Far Eastern twist. Just in time for Chinese New Year, too.

The game sees you playing as a young monk journeying across a mysterious land filled with deadly monsters and an enigmatic Monkey King. Fortunately, you’re joined by a gang of allies, and here’s where the game gets interesting.

Oriental odyssey

You’re tasked with completing a series of self-contained stages by defeating every enemy that’s thrown at you. They approach along three planes, and to stop them you have to set up your squad across a 9×9 grid.

You control your party members by swiping them into their optimal positions and then tapping on enemies to attack.

Battles take place in real-time, so a combination of fast thinking and forward planning is required to come out on top in skirmishes.

Secret Kingdom Defenders unite!

Your squad consists of various character types, including those skilled in close combat, long-range weapons, and healing magic. You can unlock new characters during your quest either through a summoning gate or by recruiting defeated bosses.

Training up your team is essential, and you can arm them with various bits of equipment to make sure they’re ready to take on increasingly difficult foes as you progress.

As if that weren’t enough, you can even battle online with other players for bonus loot, and there’s the added challenge of climbing the rankings to become Heaven of Heroes!

So if this sounds up your alley – and it should do – make sure you grab a copy of Secret Kingdom Defenders on both Android and iOS now. It’s even free to download.



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