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Chrono Trigger has controller support and snazzier visuals

Chrono Trigger Android

Alongside the brand new Steam version, Chrono Trigger has been updated on mobile with controller support and fancier visuals. The touch controls are also better, so if you weren’t a fan the first time around it may be worth a second attempt.

Chrono Trigger is an important JRPG that fans remember for a reason. You play as Crono, and have to travel into the past, distant future, and the end of time itself in order to save the world.

You can now play Chrono Trigger with a controller

The battle system is pretty unique. It’s the active time battle system from Final Fantasy, and enemies move around the map following attacks. Lately, the system returned in I Am Setsuna.

You can unleash a bunch of different tech moves to perform combos with your party. In total, there are over 50 different combos, some of which use all three party members.

If you haven’t played this yet or fancy giving it another stab, head on over to Google Play to grab the updated version right now.

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