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The Sims Mobile has finally launched on Android

The Sims Mobile Android

It feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity for the latest iteration of The Sims to make it onto Android, but today it finally arrived. You can go and grab it right now on Google Play if you so wish.

The Sims Mobile is the most traditional entry on mobile so far. You create a sim, develop its personality, and decide every aspect of its life. You then help it live it, choosing where it lives, who it hangs out with, and what it does for a living.

The Sims Mobile is out right now on Android

Your sim will fall in love, have children, get a promotion, and redecorate its home a few times before passing away. At this point, you’ll do it all over again with any children they had. These will share personality traits with their parents.

Or none of that will happen. It’s entirely up to you how you choose to lead your sim. They could die alone, surrounded by fire, in the bathroom if you choose. It’s as nice or dark and twisted as you want it to be.

So go ahead and grab The Sims Mobile on Google Play right now and choose the life you want for your sim.

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