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Destiny-like shooter Shadowgun Legends is finally out!

Shadowgun Legends Android

Shadowgun Legends could easily be the biggest mobile game of 2018. Seriously, we’ve been desperately waiting for it for what feels like years now! But that wait is finally over.

That’s because it officially just launched on Android. If you haven’t been following all of the articles we’ve written about it, it’s basically Destiny on mobile.

There’s an absolute ton of content on offer here, including a massive single player campaign with over 200 missions. How is that even possible?

Shadowgun Legends is finally out on Android

But you’re probably here for the multiplayer, and there’s a ton of that. You can play it cooperatively, take on raids, or just straight up shoot each other deathmatch style.

The aim is to make your character look and play to your style, so there’s an abundance of customisation options. If you feel like showing off, you can do just that in the hub zone.

We shouldn’t have to convince you to check out Shadowgun Legends though. Just head on over to Google Play and grab it right now. You won’t regret it!

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