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The Room: Old Sins is finally out on Android

The Room: Old Sins Android Google Play

The Room: Old Sins has finally launched for real on Android, following a brief beta phase. If you pre-registered, you’ll know this already though, of course.

In case you don’t know what this is, it’s the latest entry in the first person puzzler franchise. It’s often cited as the best example of a mobile puzzler – and for good reason.

The Room: Old Sins is out right now on Android

You could think of it like a video game version of an escape room. You’ve got to hunt around for clues and objects you can tweak to solve a wide variety of puzzles.

There’s even a plot, but we have no idea what it’s about. Just go and play it for yourself and stop asking all of those dumb questions.

Head on over to Google Play right now to grab The Room: Old Sins. You won’t regret it, maybe.

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