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Durango: Wild Lands will launch on Android in May

Durango Android

Durango: Wild Lands is one of the year’s hottest games, and will finally launch on Android in May. For the uninitiated, that’s the one that’s like Monster Hunter meets Minecraft.

Oh, and it’s an MMORPG as well. Much like in Monster Hunter, you’ll hunt monsters and gather materials from the environment to craft equipment. You grow in power, so you can battle tougher monsters.

Durango: Wild Lands will launch in May

However, the crafting system also extends to buildings too. You can work as a team to build your own town if you want to. Any land that doesn’t have buildings already on it is fair game.

It’s a sandbox MMO in the truest sense of the term then. You can just go ahead and live whatever life you want to along with your friends. Battle dinosaurs, create gear from their corpses, and build a place to live.

Durango: Wild Lands will launch on Android in May, though you can pre-register right now if you live in Indonesia. We’ll keep you posted on that western release.

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