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Mobile casual game Woka Woka takes marble shooters to the next level

The thing we really love about mobile gaming is the way it takes existing genres and supercharges their evolution, injecting new ideas and rapidly improving on them.

The result is games like Woka Woka, a superficially familiar casual puzzler adventure that’s packing several twists to make it far more novel and addictive than it looks.

The core gameplay sees you shooting marbles from a rotating turret at a line of marbles being shunted along a snaking channel. At the end of this channel is a hole, and if the marbles reach this hole and start to fall in it’s game over.

Woka Woka

To avoid this, you have to make the marbles disappear by matching them in groups of three or more. If you blast them all, you win the round.

So far so familiar. But not all of the marbles are immediately accessible. Some of them are imprisoned in ice, meaning you have to fire a couple of marbles at them to chip away this frosty shell and free them up.

And not all of the marbles are just marbles. Some of them change the gameplay, temporarily slowing, halting, or even reversing the progress of the marbles along the channel, giving you a much needed bit of breathing room. Best of all, some of the marbles are bombs, taking out big chunks of the field.

Losing your marbles

We’re still just scratching the surface. There’s a Marble Arena, for competing with friends, a Daily Prize for logging in every day, Quests, special Stone Marbles that give you extra XP, Challenge Levels, and a suite of powerful consumable boosters like Lightning, Mallet, Cannon, and Tornado, all of which thin out the marbles to help you out of tight spots.

On the surface, Woka Woka is a marble shooter like any other, albeit featuring a turtle. But once you boot it up you’ll find that it’s absolutely crammed with stuff to do, and impossible to put down.

Grab Woka Woka for free right now on Google Play (and the App Store)!


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