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7 new Android games you have to play this week

Returners Android

They can’t all be winners, can they? We are, of course, referring to this week’s Android games line-up. Nothing in particular stands out this week, but we’ve included the best that did launch below.

Maybe go out and enjoy the sun this week instead?

The best new Android game this week: Returners – Get it

Returners unites your favourite fictional heroes from history like Aladdin, Cleopatra, and Robin Hood to fight alongside each other in this action RPG.

Arcane Straight: Summoned Soul – Get it

Arcane Straight is a card battler RPG that challenges you to mix a bunch of elemental cards to deal insane damage to monsters. The highlight here is those gorgeous pixel visuals.

Space Frontier 2 – Get it

Space Frontier 2 is the latest addictive release by Ketchapp. You have to conquer solar systems, colonise planets, and build your own spaceship to do it all in.

Mr Bean – Risky Ropes – Get it

Mr Bean – Risky Ropes is a game you’ve seen many times before, except this one has Mr Bean in it. You have to navigate a treacherous mountain, avoiding dangerous stuff and collecting nice stuff.

Videogame Guardians – Get it

Videogame Guardians is an idle RPG with global PVP, boss raids, and pyramid climbing. Look, you’ve played games like this before so if you like them try this one.

Super Doggo Snack Time – Get it

Super Doggo Snack Time is surprisingly fun. You have to tap and hold to help a cute doggie collect snacks as they (presumably) fall off a table above it.


Last but not least is BOMBARIKA, a puzzler in which you have to use everyday objects around the house to get rid of a bunch of bombs threatening to destroy said house. It’s gorgeous.

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