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An Android-powered Switch competitor is in the works

Wonder Android

A gaming startup company Wonder is working on a Nintendo Switch competitor that runs on Android. Well, a custom version of Android known as WonderOS.

The custom OS allows Wonder to overclock the processor and to fire the screen to your TV, much like the Switch when docked.

There’s an official controller as well, that you can slot your phone into much like the Switch. Alternatively, it works as a separate controller when the device hooks up to the TV.

Wonder is a Nintendo Switch-like Android device coming next year

The best part is, the device, controller, and the dock will be provided as a subscription service. You’ll also get a suite of software services as part of it too.

It might be wrong of us to describe Wonder as a single device, actually. It seems the tech company wants to produce it as an OS, that larger manufacturers  can use to create their own devices.

We’ll keep you posted as we head closer to launch. Whatever form it takes, the WonderOS will launch next year.

Source: The Verge.

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