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MMORPG Talion is in closed beta until June 5th

Talion Android

Gamevil’s gorgeous upcoming MMORPG Talion is currently in closed beta until June 5th. That means you can try it up until then, but bear in mind that your progress will not carry over to the final product.

In this epic MMORPG you’ll create a character and customise it with a wide range of options. You’ll then head on out into an enormous open world.

MMORPG Talion is in closed beta until June 5th

Here you’ll explore, battle enemies, and level up. You can pick a bunch of skills to build your character in your image too.

Then there’s the PvP offerings, which are pretty impressive. There’s your standard 5v5, 20v20 conquest, and a massive 50v5 alliance boss raid.

If you like MMORPGs or just fancy trying something new for a change, head on over to Google Play to grab Talion right now. The closed beta test will end on June 5th.

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