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Sudoku fans need to play Hexologic, a stunning new puzzler for mobile

The problem with classic brain teasers like sudoku is that you eventually get tired of playing the same puzzle over and over again.

Instead of making deductions, your brain settles into a dreary process of pattern recognition, and the lines of the sudoku grid start to feel like the bars of a mental prison from which the only escape is insanity. We’ve all been there.

You need to shake things up, and Hexologic is the perfect cocktail shaker. It feels a bit like sudoku, with a generous dash of Picross, but completely reinvented and jazzed up for the touchscreen generation.

As the title suggests, the game involves hexagons rather than squares. These hexagons can each display one, two, or three dots, and around the edge of the each cluster of hexagons are several numbers, indicating the total number of dots you need to display on that line.

For example, if there are three hexagons and you need to display nine dots, you know you need to put three in each of them. But if the number of hexagons and the number of dots don’t neatly match up in this way, you’ve got some detective work to do.

Guess what: they never match up, and every stage is a head-scratching test of your patience and deductive skills.

As you make your way through the game’s 75 stages you’ll enter new worlds with new hexagon types, including fixed ones and coloured ones that are mirrored elsewhere on the board, demanding extreme coordination.

There are four worlds in total, and they’re all gorgeous, with simple, stylish, colourful graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack.

You can grab Hexologic on Google Play (and the App Store!) right now.



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