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Ark: Survival Evolved launches on Android June 14th

Ark Android

We knew the PC and console hardcore survival simulator Ark: Survival Evolved was in development for Android back in March, but little did we expect it would launch so soon.

You’ll be able to play it as soon as June 14th, when it launches globally on mobile. It challenges you to carve out a life in a dinosaur-infested world.

The survival simulator Ark: Survival Evolved is out June 14th on Android

Starting off, you’ll craft some basic armour, weapons, and tools, but soon enough you’ll have a house and various crafting stations. The more you dig into the world, the more you’ll learn.

Eventually you’ll be riding dinosaurs with epic weapons and armour, and have a whole town built. If you have friends, you can get them to join you for the ride too. That’s where the real fun lies.

Ark: Survival Evolved will launch on Android on June 14th, and we’ll be right here on the day to provide you with a Google Play link. Get stoked.

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